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These letter and evidences are about a system of control and terrifying of male population (especially in the prisons and in the mental psychiatric clinics) in Russian Federation. As I think, creation and using of this system must be recognized by the International Criminal Court as a crime against humanity.


1. The historical reference for better understanding of the essence of the affair


The state Russian Federation for a better control and terrifying of the criminal offenders and male population at all, particularly for better control and terrifying in prisons, mental psychiatric clinics and, probably, in the other similar places with restricted freedom for prisoners, mentally ill people etc. delegated a part of it’s own power to representatives of the “professional” criminal word. The heads and leaders of this world are so named “thieves-in-law”; and they have their own representatives of lower rank in different places. For example, there is a supervisor (so named “smotrjashchiy”) from them in an every prison ward (where usually are а few tens men); in the same way (in “perfect” situation) there is a supervisor from them in every ward of the mental psychiatric clinic (where usually are a few tens men too).

Of course, here I am speaking about state’s clinics of the Ministry of Health Protecting of Russian Federation.

Note. For criminal offenders one day of staying in a mental psychiatric clinic counts for one day of staying in a prison.

Members of the Russian “professional” criminal world call themselves “blatniye” and all they form a kind of one brotherhood with its own customs, “laws”, orders and hierarchy. “Blatniye” of lower rank are basis for leaders of the criminal world and their representatives of high rank.

Laws (or customs) of the Russian “professional” criminal world allow for a man a homosexual intercourse, oral as well as anal, in active position. In this case such an intercourse doesn’t entail a degradation in rank of the “professional” criminal offender (and man at all). This criminal “law” (or a custom) is a clear evidence of the fact, that most representatives of the Russian “professional” criminal world are pederasts, active or active-passive (of course, in this case active-passive pederasts hide “passive component of their homosexuality” very carefully).

The “professional” criminal offenders enslave and turn into homosexual prostitutes (so named “cocks” in a prison jargon) gays and even those naturals they didn’t like. Then “professional” criminal offenders subject them to cruel treatment and torments and even simply rape them if they don’t wish to have homosexual intercourse by free will. These deeds indicate that the “professional” criminal offenders mostly are not only active or active-passive pederasts, but aggressive sadists and moral degenerates too.

All these things (in the prisons and, obviously, in the mental psychiatric clinics) happen with the obvious consent and approval of the state. Moreover, as I have said above, the state, Russian Federation, in fact delegated a part of its own power to representatives of the “professional” criminal word that they do these deeds. And, as I have said above also, the state, Russian Federation, did and does this for a better control and terrifying of the criminal offenders and male population at all.

It’s obvious (from above mentioned) that in fact Russian Federation is a state with a caste system: the state, Russian Federation, turns a part of citizens into “homosexual prostitutes”, i.e. makes them slaves and even sexual slaves, the “homosexual prostitutes”, i.e. forces them to be homosexual prostitutes. And this accompanied with a cruel treatment and torments, at least psychological torments.

The representatives of the “professional” criminal world try to spread their lifestyle, “laws”, customs and orders on the usual prisoners, which are not a part of the “professional” criminal world, as well as on all male population of Russian Federation at all. By my mind, these lifestyle, “laws”, customs and orders are of value (i.e. matter for them) for most mature male population of Russian Federation (and so named “Russian world” at all).

Such a system of the control and terrifying of the male population (everyone man, even passive gay, doesn’t wish to be a “homosexual prostitute” in a prison) was created in times of the USSR; and this system, obviously, serviced for a propaganda of the supremacy of the “soviet morals” and “soviet lifestyle”; for having this system of oppression USSR could say that “there are no gays in soviet country”.

It’s obviously that for the control of an aggressive and inclined toward criminal activity part of the mature male population criminal leaders must be aggressive and sadistic men. And, as I think, precisely by such criteria intelligences and the police selected the candidates for the top-rank posts of the “Russian criminal world”; and, as it’s clear from above mentioned, a propensity for aggression and sadism of these criminal candidates closely relates to active homosexuality. So, as I think, intelligences and the police (militia) of USSR and then or Russian Federation tested and test these criminal candidates for top-rank posts in the “Russian criminal world” on active homosexuality too.


2. Relation of the leaders and heads of the “Russian criminal world” to Soviet and Russian intelligences and the police (militia)


2.1 Bishops and “thieves-in-law”


Let’s call “rats” (Russian “sexots”) those agents of intelligences and the police, which were recruited from the criminal (or other) world from the beginning.

Let’s call “fixed-post spies” (Russian “residents”) those officers of the intelligences and the police, which were emedded into criminal (or other) world.

So, rats are traitors, but fixed-post spies are not traitors.

As it was disclosed after disintegration of the USSR, all or almost all bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate was rats or fixed-post spies.

The same is true for bishops of other socialist countries.

As it was disclosed in 2012 year, 11 of 15 metropolitans of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church were rats. (See, for example, this article:

«Почти все нынешние иерархи Болгарской церкви в прошлом сотрудничали с госбезопасностью» —

«Almost all present-day bishops of the Bulgarian church collaborated with intelligence in the past».)

But there is a question: who are the 4 last bishops, non-rats? Are they all fixed-post spies? For intelligence can disclose rates, but, probably, it doesn’t disclose its fixed-post spies. How many fixed-post spies are among these 4 last bishops, non-rats? It’s unbelievable thing that high-rank church rats are, but high-rank church fixed-post spies aren’t.

Present-day Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate Kirill I is known as rat of the soviet intelligence, KGB; his nickname is “Mikhailov”; and this fact is known to all in Russia from the early 90s of the previous century. But, nevertheless, this man was elected on the post of Patriarch by the Supreme Church Conceal in 2009 year. For me this fact means that at least more then half of the bishops of this Conceal were rats of fixed-post spies of the intelligences of the Russian Federation.

And I can’t believe that in the “Russian criminal world” the things go in some other way. I think that a percent of rats and fixed-post spies among leaders and heads of this world is approximately the same as the percent of rats and fixed-post spies among bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.


2.2 Colonel of the GRU Kvachkov elected and promoted Sangack Safarov, a “thieve-in-law”, on the post of the Leader of the People Front in Tajikistan during civil war


There is one strange story about cooperation and collaboration of a colonel of the GRU Kvachkov and a “thieve-in-law”, Sangack Safarov: the colonel elected and promoted Sangack Safarov on the post of the Leader of the People Front in Tajikistan during civil war in this country. And this “thieve-in-law”, Sangack Safarov, in fact became a Leader of Tajikistan.

(“GRU” or, literally, “General Intelligence Department” is a Russian and Soviet military intelligence)

This story based on this sources:

1. Статья: «Квачков: за Сангаком Сафаровым стояли Россия и Узбекистан» от 28.06.2017 на портале;

(An article: “Kvachkov Says: Under а Cover of Sangack Safarov Оperated Russia and Uzbekistan” from 06.28.2017)


Слова Квачкова приводятся по его воспоминаниям, содержащимся в нижеуказанном ролике, размещённом на youtube’е.

(The words of Kvachkov are cited from his recollections which are in the mentioned below video on youtube)

2. Воспоминания Квачкова на ролике на youtub’е, которые цитируются в вышеупомянутой статье:

(The recollections of Kvachkov on youtube’s video; this recollections are cited in the mentioned above article)

Ролик (опубликовано 7 Октября 2017, канал «МЕΧΑΝΙΖΜ», общая продолжительность 18:57) под названием «Таджикистан 1992. Полковник Кв: „как я делал революцию‟».

(Video (published: Oct, 7, 2017; channel: “MEXANIZM”; total length: 18:57) this video was named: “Tajikistan 1992. Colonel K‑v: ‘As I did a revolution’ ”)

3. Статья: Дмитрий Беляков. Полковник спецназа // Русский репортер (РР), № 41 (169), 2010

(An article: Dmitriy Belyakov. Colonel of the septsnaz. In “Russian Reporter” (RR), #41 (169), 2010)


Сайт журнала «Русский репортер»:

(The site of the journal “Russian Reporter”: )

Статья содержит дополнительные сведения о Сангаке Сафарове и Эмомали Рахмонове (Рахмоне). Данная статья не о полковнике ГРУ Квачкове, а о другом полковнике ГРУ — Александре Мусиенко.

(This article contains additional information about Sangack Safarov and Emomali Rahmonov (Rahmon). This article is not about colonel of GRU Kvachkov, but about other colonel of GRU, Alexandr Musiyenko.)


The 1st source is about intervention of Russia and Uzbekistan into a civil war in Tajikistan in 1992 year and establishing a regime of Emomali Rahmonov (Rahmon) with help of these states, Russia and Uzbekistan, in Tajikistan.

Here colonel Kvachkov says:

«Мне сказали, что было принято решение о том, что антироссийский режим исламских радикалов должен быть свергнут в Таджикистане. Я попросил 3 месяца. Это было в августе 1992 года, а через 3 месяца — 12 ноября — было установлено правительство Эмомали Рахмонова»;

«Встретился с министром обороны Узбекистана Ахмедовым, назвал Сангака Сафарова. Он говорит, товарищ Квачков, он же бандит и разбойник. А я говорю, если нам нужен реальный человек, будет вот такой человек. А остальные все — дерьмо. Надо отдать должное Исламу Каримову. Он принял решение несмотря на такое прошлое Сангака Сафарова».

The translation:

“I was told that there was а decision to throw down an anti-Russian regime of Islamic radicals in Tajikistan. I requested 3 months for this operation. The conversation was in august of 1992 year and 3 months later (12, November) a government of Emomali Rahmonov was established”;

“I had a meeting with a defense minister of Uzbekistan Akhmedov and offered him Sangack Safarov as a candidate for a position. He said me: “Comrade Kvachkov, this man is a gangster and robber.” But I said him: “If you are needing a real candidate for the position then he must be just this man. All others candidates are shit.” I must render my due to Islam Karimov for he made a decision to appoint Safarov despite of his criminal record”.

(In the 2nd source colonel Kvachkov says these words here: 11:00-11:43.)

Obviously, this “thief-in-law”, Sangack Safarov, could become a Leader of the Popular Front of Tajikistan only if he was an agent (secret intelligencer, rat) of Russian Federation (and, probably, previously of USSR), namely of the police (militia) or of one of the intelligences. According to publicly proclaimed orders of life of the Russian professional criminal offenders a “thief-in-law” hasn’t a right to cooperate with any state power and any governmental authorities. Especially it’s so, of course, with reference to intelligences of USSR and Russia. (Here I speak not about real situation, but about a public self-positioning of the leaders of the “professional” criminal offenders.)

As I think, there is a standard procedure of the election and promotion of the leaders for dirty and bloody deals and operations of such kind in Russian (and previously in Soviet) intelligences and the police (militia). I think too that there are printed special instructions for the intelligences and the police in which (instructions) such procedures are described in details (Particularly, in these instructions, as I think, must be specified different psychological, sexual and pathological requirements for a leader). So, probably, Kvachkov only followed the standard instructions when he elected and promoted a Leader for the Popular Front of Tajikistan.

In the 3rd source was written:

«Именно Сангак познакомил меня с «Эмомалишкой» — ныне президентом республики Эмомали Рахмоном. Тогда Рахмон был председателем колхоза. До сих пор стоит перед глазами картина: Рахмон с огромным ляганом (декоративная тарелка. — «РР») плова и бутылкой водки представляется Сангаку по случаю назначения председателем облисполкома. Позднее, после гибели Сафарова, Эмомали из марионетки превратился в местного божка-президента, который уничтожил всех, кто привел его к власти. Кого-то посадили, кого-то закопали…».

The translation:

“It was Sangack who acquainted me with “Emomalishka”, a President of the Republic Emomali Rahmon today. At that time Rahmon was a director of the collective fаrm. Till now I remember, as clear as if I see it now, the picture: Rahmon with a huge ljagan (ornamental plate —“RR”) of pilau and a battle of vodka is introducing himself to Sangack on the account of his own appointment to a post of the chairmen of the executive board of the province. Later, after Safarov’s death, Emomali turned into the President and a small local deity. He destroyed all who led him to power. Some were imprisoned, others were killed…”.

Note, here President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov (Rahmon) was named not “Emomali”, but “Emomalishka”. It’s a nickname. Of course, this nickname was given to Rahmonov by others and Emomali himself didn’t use it. The suffix “-ishka” in Russian means in this context that Emomali is (was) small, miserable and despicable.


2.3 Two evidences of Tanya Karatzuba Seid-Burkhan about the leaders of the criminal world in Crimea


These two evidences of Tanya Karatzuba Seid-Burkhan are in this youtube’s video:

Ролик (опубликовано 25 апреля 2019, канал «Таня Карацуба Сеид-Бурхан», общая продолжительность 19:30) под названием «Сход „воров в законе‟ втайне от Кремля. № 1265».

(Video (published: Apr, 24, 2019; channel: «Таня Карацуба Сеид-Бурхан»; total length: 19:30); this video was named “The convention of ‘thieves-in-law’ secretly from the Kremlin. #1265”.)

The 1st evidence, 00.58-02:47, is about a convention of “thieves-in-law” in the “Ai-Danil” sanatorium in the late 90s of previous century.

During the times of the USSR the “Ai-Danil” sanatorium was one of the so named “Kremlin’s sanatoriums”, i.e. one of the sanatoriums of The 4th (General) Department of the Ministry of the Health Protecting of USSR. The “Kremlin’s sanatoriums” was fashionable and awesome sanatoriums for soviet elite, especially for high-rank statesmen; all this sanatoriums, as it said above, belonged to The 4th (General) Department of the Ministry of the Health Protecting of USSR.

At the above mentioned period, late 90s of previous century, the “Ai-Danil” sanatorium wasn’t a state sanatorium of Russian Federation or Ukraine and it was opened for everyone who had enough money. But it was as fashionable and awesome as before. And highly likely that such a famous sanatorium Ukrainian and Russian intelligences together secretly allocated for needs of the criminal leaders of the former USSR.

So, Tanya Karatzuba Seid-Burkhan says (00.58-02:47):

«Когда-то — в конце девяностых… может быть, это было начало двухтысячного — еду я по Крыму. Май месяц. Еду на иномарке, на «БМВ», в сторону Ялты. Дорога наудивление, наредкость пустая. И я увидела как в некоторые стороны ДПСники сгоняют простые «жигулёнки». А вот для иномарок дорога открыта. Ну, я-то из себя не представляла никакого интереса для сотрудников ДПС и для милиции или для правительства Крыма — на то время. Поэтому для меня было удивительно, что милиция отдавала честь. И их на дороге между Симферополем и Ялтой было очень много — и все отдавали честь иномаркам. Я на своём участке… проехала одна иномарка. Ни впереди меня, ни сзади иномарок не было. Чуть позже я узнала, что в Ай-Даниле, в санатории кремлёвском, четвёртого главного управления, состоялся слёт как раз «воров в законе». Они каждый год собираются там и делят свои места по Крыму. Они враждуют, многие, друг с другом, но на период… отпускников, когда в Крым едут туристы, то в это время все мирятся и заключают своеобразные договоры перемирия — на эти три месяца летние».

The translation:

In the later 90s or, perhaps, in the fist half of 2000 year I became a witness of the following events. In May, in the Crimea, I traveled by my car of “BMW” trademark by a highway which connects Simferopol and Yalta. I noticed that the highway was surprisingly empty. Such thing is very rare at that place at that time. Then I saw that the road patrol police drives away from the highway cheap cars of the Soviet trademarks. But the highway was opened for essentially more expensive cars of the foreign trademarks. So, I traveled by my car further. It’s clear that at that time I was not of value neither for the road patrol police or the usual police, nor for the government of the Crimea. Therefore it was very surprisingly for me that the policemen saluted me. There were very many policemen on the highway between Simferopol and Yalta at that time and all this policemen saluted to men in the cars of the foreign trademarks. As I said, the highway was surprisingly empty and while I was driving a car on the highway, I noticed only one car, the car of a foreign trademark. This car was driving on the opposite lane. On my lane there are no cars of the foreign trademarks both in front of me and behind of me in the visible sector of the highway. A little later I received an information that there was a convention of the “thieves-in-law” in the “Ai-Danil” sanatorium at that time exactly. This sanatorium in the times of USSR was a “sanatorium of the Kremlin”, that is of the 4th General Department of the Ministry of the Health Protecting. These “thieves-in-law” comes together in that place every year and carry out a division of their spheres of influence with respect to the Crimea. Many of them are in enmity with one another, but for a period… of the summer annual leaves, for three months of the summer, they conclude an armistice agreement”.

The Reference.

In accordance with the article 255 of the criminal code of Ukraine all these “thieves-in-law” must be charged, found guilty, sentenced and imprisoned. In accordance with article 210 of the criminal code of Russia these “thieves-in-law” must be charged, found guilty, sentenced and imprisoned too. Highly likely that many of these “thieves-in-law” were from Russia.

In accordance with the article 256 of the criminal code of Ukraine all these policemen and they chiefs must be charged, found guilty, sentenced and imprisoned too (if they knew that “thieves-in law” was in the cars).

Although this story is about convention of “thieves-in-law” in Ukraine, but, as I think, relations between the state and the criminal world in Ukraine are the same as in Russia, for this states are heirs of USSR.

The 2nd evidence, 04.20‑05:49, is about a Crimean criminal leader, Sergey Aksenov; now he is a general (probably, of GRU).

So, Tanya Karatzuba Seid-Burkhan says:

«…раньше они были «королями», а теперь… — правильно! — звучат: «генералы». Потому что многие из них работают на КГБ или с подачи КГБ. Ну, теперь это ФСБ или ГРУ. Во всяком случае, они работают от военных. И поэтому они имеют звания. Ну а если ты — лидер ОПГ, то, конечно, — генеральские погоны тебе положены. Мы знаем — так вот у нас, в Крыму, Сергей Аксенов, который состоял в ОПГ. Причем он во всех ОПГ состоял — и «Греки», и «Башмаки», и еще где-то там. Ну, а в конце это был «Сейлим». И он, кажется, в звании майора ГРУ вступил на должность премьера Крыма. Можно только посмеяться над тем, что происходит. Народ этого не знает, народ терпит. Крымчане знают — они же видели его, у них на глазах всё совершал. Он отпирается. Конечно, Сергей Аксенов в суды подавал на многих людей. Суды он не выиграл, а просто мог замордовать человека. Много документов было выложено в Интернете на эту тему. И о том как его менты брали в своё время, и по какому делу. Ну, а теперь Сергей Аксенов носит генеральские погоны».

The translation:

“…In past times they had a name “kings”. Now, of course, they had a name “generals”. For many of them work for KGB or work with patronage of KGB. Now KGB has other names, namely FSB or GRU. Anyway they work for military organizations or with patronage of the military organizations. Therefore they have military ranks. And if you are a leader of the big organization of the criminal offenders (BOCO) then you may pretend to the rank of the general. We know that on our land, in the Crimea, this case was happened with respect to Sergey Aksenov, who was a member of the BOCO. It’s especially remarkable thing, that he was a member of the all BOCOs: “Greeks”, “Bashmaki” and others. His last BOCO was BOCO “Selim”. And he had, it seems, rank of the major of the GRU when he became a prime-minister of the Crimea. You can only laugh at happenings of such kind. Other peoples don’t know this, other peoples suffer this, but we, the inhabitants of the Crimea, do know this, for we have seen he and his deeds. He says that he isn’t guilty of these deeds. Of course, Sergee Aksenov started law cases against many peoples, but he didn’t win a single case. However during the trials he was able to harass his opponents very hardly, so that they refused to protect their interests. Many documents had been published on the Internet about these deeds and cases. Particularly there are documents about taking him into custody by the police and about the charges against him. And now Sergey Aksenov has military rank of the general”.

The Reference.

Sergey Aksenov was the Head of the Crimean Republic since Oct, 09, 2014 and the Chairman of the Board of the Ministers of the Crimean Republic since Mar, 17, 2017. He is also a member of the Supreme Board of the political party «Yedinaya Rossiya»


2.4. The article 210 and the article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation


On April 01, 2019 an article 210.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation was enacted. This article was named “Punishment for occupation of the highest positions in the criminal hierarchy”. This article, as it seems, is mostly against “thieves-in-law”. But there wasn’t a need for this article at all, for formally an article 210 (at least at edition from Dec 3, 2009) already has been working for many years at the time of the enacting of the article 210.1.

Note. Don’t confuse 210 and 210.1 articles! They are two different articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation, not one article. I.e. the article 210.1 isn’t part or section of the article 210, but it, the article 210.1, is an independent individual article by itself.

The article 210 was named “Punishment for creation of the criminal community (criminal organization) and for membership in it”. Members of such organizations according to the article 210 are guilty even they only pursue goal to do criminal offences, i.e. if “to do criminal offences” is they general, non-concrete, goal (for example, “to rob banks”, not “to rob this bank next Sunday”).

Such exegesis of the article 210 was confirmed in this document:

The Decision of the plenum of the Supreme Court of Russian Federation from June, 10, 2008 #8 “About judicial practice of the consideration of the criminal cases of the creation of the criminal community (criminal organization)” (Постановление Пленума Верховного Суда РФ от 10 июня 2008 г. № 8 «О судебной практике рассмотрения уголовных дел об организации преступного сообщества (преступной организации)»).

This is a commentary to the article 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation and an exegesis of this article.

Note, the article 210 is against not only leaders of the criminal communities, but against all members of the criminal communities.

All “professional” criminal offenders in Russia (and Ukraine and countries of former USSR at all) are members of one united criminal community. (To say, this united criminal community is the fastening “bonds” (of some kind) of the “Russian World”.) The “thieves-in-law” are they rulers. Every “thieves-in-law” has his own “province” and his own representatives in this “province”; and all of the “professional” criminal offenders of this “province” recognize his authority. But, I think, no “thief-in-law” really was charged of violating the article 210 (namely 210, not 210.1! don’t confuse this articles!). Or, at least, such cases are very rare.

It’s interesting that article 210.1 was announced long before the date of its enacting. So, all criminal leaders had enough time to leave Russian Federation. And, it’s clear, all this criminal leaders at the same time could be charged under article 210.

This, particularly, means that all non-imprisoned “thieves-in-law” and other high-rank criminal leaders are, at least, under patronage of the Russian Federation. And imprisoned ones, of course, too, for if а destination of “thief-in-law” were to be imprisoned eternally, all his life (according even to the article 210), then no one man became the “thief-in-law”. Imprisoned “thieves-in-law” have power in the prisons and similar places and rule criminal communities in these prisons. They don’t work in the prisons and similar places and all work instead of them do other prisoners. These facts are another proofs that they, “thieves-in-law” are under patronage of the state Russian Federation and that state Russian Federation in fact hand over them part of its own power. Therefore in fact they are plenipotentiary representatives of the state Russian Federation.

An almost full analog of the articles 210 and 210.1 (together) of the criminal code of Russian Federation in Ukraine is one article, namely an article 255 of the criminal code of Ukraine, “The punishment for creation of the criminal organization.”

Moreover, the criminal code of Ukraine has article 256, “The punishment for assistance to members of the criminal organizations and for hiding criminal activities of them.” As it’s clear from the name of this article, it’s against non-members of the criminal organizations.


2.5 Cooperation and collaboration of the high-rank policemen and criminal leaders in drag trafficking


A theme of cooperation and collaboration of the high-rank policemen and criminal leaders in drag trafficking elucidated in this book:

Иеромонах Анатолий (Берестов). Возвращение в жизнь. Духовные основы наркомании. Наркомания и право. — М.: Издательство Душепопечительского Православного Центра св. прав. Иоанна Кронштадтского, 2004. — 304 с.

(priest and monk Anatoliy (Berestov). Returning to the life. The Spiritual Foundations of the Drug Addiction. The Drag Addiction and the Law. — Moscow: Publishing House of the Soul-caring Orthodox Center in the name of st. righteous John of Kronshtadt, 2004. — 304 p.)

This book is available online here: .

See these chapters especially:

— «Отношения между воровским, наркомафиозным и милицейским миром»

(“Relationships between the world of thieves, the world of drug mafia and the world of the police (militia)”)

— «Схема взаимодействия наркомафии и коррумпированной милиции»

(“The scheme of the interaction of the drug mafia and the corrupted police (militia)”)


3. The Russian Orthodox Church supports “thieves-in-law” and other “professional” criminal offenders in their lifestyle


Let’s cite one fragment of this book:

Андрей Кураев. Церковь в мире людей. — М.: Издательство Сретенского монастыря, 2007; ISBN 5-7533-0050-2

(Andrey Kyrayev. Church in the World of Humans. — Moscow: Publishing House of the “Sretensky” Monastery, 2007; ISBN 5-7533-0050-2)

Andrey Kyraev is a deacon, preacher, church writer and missioner of the Russian Orthodox Church, Ph. D., professor (this is a honorary academic title of the Church, not of the state), worked at the Moscow Theological Academy and the Moscow State University, former aide of Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Aleksiy II)

So, the quotation of the book, chapter “Woman in the Church”, p. 132 (глава «Женщина в церкви», с. 132):

«Во всяком случае, последующая история Церкви показала, что Церкви приходится считаться с теми социальными условностями, которые она сама одобрять не может, но учитывать должна.

Например, в Индии даже католикам пришлось строить разные храмы для христиан из разных каст и уж во всяком случае служить для них разные мессы, чтобы из одной чаши не причащать кшатриев и неприкасаемых. И в российских тюрьмах — та же проблема. На исповеди заключенный говорит священнику: «я рад бы причаститься, но вы ведь причащаете и наших “опущенных”, а по нашим воровским понятиям, если я ем и общаюсь с ними, я сам становлюсь как они — и тогда и меня опустят»… Так что порой приходится служить отдельные службы для разных тюремных каст. Но из этого не следует, что сама Церковь проповедует кастовые различия».

The translation:

“Anyway follow-up history of the Church has showed that the Church is forced to reckon with those social conventions which it itself cannot approve, but has to take into account.

For example, even Catholic Church was forced to build different churches for Christians of the different castes in India and in any case, to serve different mass’ there in order to do not give communion to kshatriyas and untouchables together from the same cup. The same trouble is in the Russian prisons too. A prisoner says to a priest during a confession: “I would be glad to receive communion, but you give communion to our “homosexual prostitutes” from the same cup. According to rules of the life of ours, professional criminal offenders, if I eat and socialize with them, the “homosexual prostitutes”, Ι become one of them and in this case other professional criminal offenders will make me a “homosexual prostitute”…  So, sometimes priests can be forced to serve different church services for the different castes of the prison. But it’s not follows from this situation and similar situations that the Church itself preaches the caste differences”.

Here, as it’s clear, deacon Andrey Kurayev describes a “common case” and often-happening for every prison events.

However, there are two short questions to Kurayev and all the Russian Orthodox Church: what namely does preach the Russian Orthodox Church by the deeds of а such kind, not by the words? And who namely and how namely forces the Church to do such things in Russia now?

The short Reference.

In accordance with the Canonical Law of the Orthodox Church а member of “professional” criminal organization must be excommunicated. He can’t get an absolution by priest during an confession for he is a member of such organization, i.e. he is an unrepented thief, robber, killer an so on by default, by virtue of the membership in the criminal organization. Therefore, he can’t get a communion at all. Moreover, such a man, an unrepented excommunicated man, even can’t enter into the churches; and the burial service can’t be serviced for him after his death. Therefore, he can’t be buried in а church cemetery, i.e. in the “holy land”.

See also Kuraev’s apology of the burial service admissibility for “thief-in-law” Vyacheslav Ivankov (his nickname is “Yaponchik”, i.e. “Japanese”) in this video:

Ролик (опубликовано 30 апреля 2013, канал «slaggerrus», общая продолжительность 06:01) под названием «36. Отпевание Япончика — 18.10.2009».

(Video (published: Apr, 30, 2013: channel: “slaggerrus”; total length: 06:01); this video was named “#36. About the burial service for Yaponchik”)

This video is one of the issues of the Kuraev’s show “From my own belfry” (i.e. “My own view on events”), namely the issue #36 from Oct,18, 2009.

See also Dmitriy Smirnov’s apology of this burial service in this video:

Ролик (опубликовано 17 октября 2010, канал «Анатолий Бобровский», общая продолжительность 04:52) под названием «Отпевание Япончика».

(Video (published: Oct, 17, 2010; channel “Анатолий Бобровский”; total length: 04:52); this video was named “About burial service for Yaponchik”)

This video is a fragment of the show «Русский час» (“The Russian hour”) from Oct, 20, 2009 on the orthodox TV channel «Спас» (“Spas”, i.e. “Our Savior”).

Dmitriy (Dimitriy) Smirnov, the priest, is a famous preacher. He is widely known both in Moscow and in all Russia.

The burial service for “Yaponchik”, Vyacheslav Ivankov, was serviced in the “Voznesenskaya” churh. This church is in the “Vagankovskoye” cemetery, in Moscow, and this cemetery isn’t a church cemetery.

The Reference.

The Russian Orthodox Church often criticize sexual freedom, especially sexual freedom of gays, on the West (West Europe, USA and so on), but it never criticizes sexual orders of the life of the “professional” criminal offenders, particularly “thieves-in-law”, in Russia and former USSR. But these orders allow oral and anal homosexual intercourse in active position for “professional” criminal offenders and all men at all. This, of course, indicates that these criminal offenders are mostly pederasts or bisexuals, which had and have intercourse with “homosexual prostitutes” in prisons and other similar places.

It’s especially remarkable (as it was already mentioned above) that all or almost all bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church are rats or fixed-post spies of Russian (and earlier were of Soviet) intelligences.


4. What I saw and experienced in the Russian mental psychiatric clinic




Psychotropic drags are very harmful for me. As I think, my doses must be at lest several times lesser than ones of the physically health man, who is ill mentally; and medical treatment by the drags must be very short for me. At my birth I get a head trauma and the results of it are left-side hemiparesis (more strong) and compensated right-side hemiparesis. (Also I have an obvious sign of that trauma, namely another trauma, the trauma of cervical spine.) That is why, as I think, the psychotropic drags so harmful for me, see below. Of course it’s so also because of my individual physical characteristics irrelatively to the traumas.

After hospitalization in 2013 year and subsequent intensive treatment by psychotropic drags it was very hard for me to stay for 10‑15 min. In the yard of the mental psychiatric clinic I even was not able to sit for about one hour.

After about 5 months of intensive medical treatment by psychotropic drags in 2013 year only in spring of 2018 year I was able to go very rarely, once for a week, with efforts, from home to the nearest shops (300‑500 m. from home). In 2014‑2015 years I needed a taxi in order to get to 500‑700 m. from home. Yes, I was able to go on the distance of several km at that time (and did so several times), but it was very hard to me. Now, in 2020 year a can walk more freely, several times per week on total distance of approximately 2 km.

Of course, I can’t work during 2013‑2019 years. And, of course, I hadn’t and any benefit for this disability from the state in that times. For example: in order to get a pension for mental disability of II level Ι must (it’s a common case) several times per year be hospitalized into mental psychiatric clinic and, of course, I must be treated by psychotropic drags there.

In 2013 year, I tried to get a subsidy as unemployed for several months, but I didn’t this, for I was not able to walk about all the city in order to get enough denials from employers.

After hospitalization in 2019 year for a one month I got a diagnosis F20.00 (paranoid schizophrenia) and in the same year I got a pension for mental disability of the II level (group). As I think, this happened because the rules governing the receipt of a pension for mental disability were relaxed by the state at that time.





In 2005 year, I was hospitalized (by my free will) in the mental psychiatric clinic of Novocherkassk (Ordzhonikidze st. 23) (Новочеркасская психоневрологическая больница по адресу: г. Новочеркасск, ул. Орджоникидзе 23) twice, in February for about one and a half month and at the end of May for about 3 months. A diagnosis after the first hospitalization was “Major depressive disorder, single episode, severe without psychotic features” (F32.2) and after the second hospitalization “Acute polymorphic psychotic disorder without symptoms of schizophrenia” (F23.0) or “Acute polymorphic psychotic disorder with symptoms of schizophrenia” (F23.1). These diagnosis’ I know from the words of the doctors, which inform me about this diagnosis’ using more simple formulations in Russian, namely, literally “reactive state” (a traditional name of F32.2 in Russia) and “sharp polymorphic psychotic disorder, but not schizophrenia” (i.e. F23.0 or F23.1, but not F20).

During the second hospitalization of 2005 year I became a witness of the following events, see below a‑d.

a) Somebody by nickname “Markiz” (i.e. “Marqueese”; he was about 50 years old at that time and it’s obviously that he at least once was imprisoned, see below) publicly, before all the men (about 15‑20 humans) of the clinic ward, talked that he raped one incapable man in the mental psychiatric clinic, namely he, “Markiz”, by his own words, had an oral sex with this man in an active position. (I don’t use the term “raping” in strong, exact, juridical, sense here.)

It seems strange from the above mentioned that “Markiz” talked about this unpunished criminal offence publicly before witnesses, but the situation of this talk was the following. Somebody by last name Kalmykov (see below) asked “Markiz” whether is it a real thing that others talking about him, namely whether is it a real thing that he, “Markiz”, had an anal sex in active position with that incapable man. Then “Markiz” answered Kalmykov that it’s not true and that instead of this sexual act he, “Markiz”, had oral sex in active position with this man. Then he, “Markiz”, started to describe this act of oral sex in details.

According to the orders of the “professional” criminal offenders this incapable man by the act of oral sex in passive position was turned into an “homosexual prostitute”.

The incapability of that raped man, an Armenian who resided in the mental hospital very long time, was obvious for all, even for non-specialists in psychiatry. So, by definition a violent sexual act was committed by “Markiz” with respect to him.

It’s very hard for me to indicate how old was this raped man. May be he was 45 years old or may be 50‑55 or may be even 60.

That “Markiz” at that time, as I am remembering now, lived in “Donskoy” district of city Novocherkassk, but this, perhaps, is a mistake remembrance.

b) Somebody by last name Kalmykov (he was about 25 years old at that time and, by his own words, his father was a criminal offender) simply for his own joy publicly, before all the men (about 15‑20 humans) of the clinic ward, forced by words above mentioned incapable man to kiss someone other man. This deed (a kiss) according to orders and customs of the “professional” criminal offenders impart this man a status of a “homosexual prostitute”. This man, turned into a “homosexual prostitute”, by his own words had several children and nothing indicated that he was a gay. He, obviously, even don’t understand the essence of the Kalmykov’s deed with respect to him, for this man even don’t knew the orders and customs of the “professional” criminal offenders. The only cause of this deed was very non-aggressive and benevolent temper of that man.

Perhaps, Kalmykov even was imprisoned, but, probably, not for a long time. By his own talks he has a brother. At that time Kalmykov lived in the district “Donskoy” of the city Novocherkassk.

c) “Markiz” several times very aggressively tried to give this man (turned into “homosexual prostitute” with kissing) new name or nickname, namely woman name. This is usual thing for “professional” criminal offenders, to call “homosexual prostitutes” by woman names. These deeds were committed publicly, before all the men (about 15‑20 humans) of the clinic ward.

All these deeds, namely a‑c, not d, were committed in the presence of many witnesses, for at that time there were about 15‑20 people in the clinic ward in which these deeds was done.

d) Later this man (turned into “homosexual prostitute” with kissing) treated other men to food from his home, but Kalmykov roughly refused to receive food from the hands this man. This, i.e. do not take food from the hands of the “homosexual prostitute”, is one of the rules of the “professional” criminal offenders. During this deed Kalmykov even not explained to this man why he did so.




In 2013 year, I experienced a new acute attack of the mental illness. But I don’t wish to go into the mental psychiatric clinic (the same) by my free will. So, there was a non-free-will (forced) hospitalization of me by а consent of the relatives.

After several days after non-free-will (forced) hospitalization in 2013 year I gave an agreement for a free-will medical treatment for at that time I already clearly understood that I was mentally ill and that I needed the medical treatment. However, since I was hospitalized not by my free will, doctors already began to prepare documentation for a court for my non-free-will medical treatment. And when a (presumably) judge (or presumably other representative of the court, for I even don’t now till now who was this man) came into the hospital for such deals, I was called to this man by someone. This man was alone in a room; there are no other peoples in the room, even doctors! This man even not introduced himself to me! So, I don’t know who was this man really till now, as I have said earlier. At that time the doctors already had my agreement for a free-will medical treatment, so I was very surprised why I was called to this (presumably) representative of the court. Then I decided that I was called only on the basis of the formal instruction requirements: once the file for me in the court was opened, I had to have a meeting with representatives of the court. The man in the room looked at me for several seconds and asked me nothing essential (I don’t remember what he asked me exactly, but does clearly remember that there was an empty talks with this man.). During this talks I said him that I already gave an agreement for the free-will medical treatment. Then I get out. I was in this room lesser than one minute or, may be, even lesser then a half of minute. At that time, after several days of hospitalization, acute attack of the illness already finished and I looked like a absolutely health person who was intensively treated by psychotropic drugs for several days. My thoughts and speech was clear and hadn’t something strange or suspicious. Then I knew that the court approve a half-year non-free-will (forced) medical treatment for me and issued an appropriate decision. So, this man even don’t heard my words about my free-will medical treatment agreement which the doctors already had in their hands! So these doctors even don’t inform the representatives of the court about this free-will agreement! When my attending medical doctor intended to finish my treatment in the mental psychiatric clinic, she was found that there is a judgment of the court for my non-free-will (forced) medical treatment for a half-year period. Even she wasn’t told about this judgment, for, obviously, she thought that I had а free-will treatment. Instead of a two-month period I was in the mental psychiatric clinic a three-month period, for there was a need to communicate with the court in order to change my non-free-will (forced) medical treatment on the free-will medical treatment. During the last month of this three-month period my attending medical doctor was changed. New doctor decided that I had a need of additional two-month period of treatment, to say, “out of the clinic, but at the clinic”, namely I lived at home, but once per week I visited the mental psychiatric clinic for drugs and observation. So, instead of two-month intensive medical treatment by psychotropic drugs there was a five-month intensive medical treatment by psychotropic drags. An, as I think, it was so because of that judgment of the court, for, as I think, the doctor simply didn’t wish to shorten essentially a period of intensive medical treatment by psychotropic drugs relatively to the half-year period of the court.

After these events, it became very clear for me how the courts of Russian Federation not only assign non-free-will (forced) medical treatment, but also acknowledge a man’s incapability. Note, I was capable (and is capable now), I did understand that a have a need of medical treatment and did give a free-will agreement for this treatment before the meeting with (presumably) representative of the court and, moreover, I did inform him about this free-will agreement.

As I am remembering now, I didn’t sign any document and the (presumably) representative of the court even gave not me any document to sign. (It’s clear that this must be true, for there are no needs for my sign in the case of non-free-will (forced) treatment.)

Note again, when me and this man was alone in the room there was no other human being, no doctors, no my relatives, no my advocate (even ordered by the court), no my any other representative. It may be, of course, that the man was my advocate (ordered by the court), but this would be a… I haven’t a name for this case.

So, instead of two-month intensive psychotropic drag treatment there was an five-month intensive psychotropic drag treatment for me. And this long medical treatment was very harmful for me, as it already was described above. Moreover, sperm production stopped (till now) in result of this medical treatment; so, this too long medical treatment was for me a permanent chemical castration of some kind.

In 2013 year a got a diagnosis F20 (schizophrenia); I don’t know the diagnosis more exactly for doctors not said it to me.

A very strange incident happened to me in the mental psychiatric clinic during my hospitalization in 2013. Unexpectedly for me (possibly under the influence of the psychotropic drugs?) I started to experience terrible, very deep and irresistible sense of guilty for my old sins. Strange irresistible power forced me to admit to my sins, to say, to confess this sins to all. In such an abnormal state I said to all who was in the clinic ward (to 15‑20 men) that I am gay (and also I said many other things about my sexual life). After this confession supervisor (so named “smotryashchiy”) from a criminal leader, which (supervisor) was responsible for this clinic ward assigned me a status of “homosexual prostitute”.

Of course, this mental psychiatric clinic isn’t real prison and so I don’t experienced in it all that “homosexual prostitute” experiences in the prison. However, I treat this assigning of the status of the “homosexual prostitute” as real enslaving and as real attempt to force me to be a homosexual prostitute. These deeds as well as that what I was forced to observe the rules of the behavior of the “homosexual prostitute” I treat as cruel treatment and psychological torments. It’s also clear that marker of “homosexual prostitute” makes a man with this marker a first candidate for homosexual raping by “professional” criminal offenders.

Moreover, I experienced very strong strange psychological pressure on my soul, which forced me to change my gender role and to turn into homosexual prostitute really.

As I have said above, the state Russian Federation for a better control and terrifying of the criminal offenders and male population at all, particularly for better control and terrifying in prisons, mental psychiatric clinics and, probably, in the other similar places with restricted freedom for prisoners, mentally ill people etc. delegated a part of it’s own power to representatives of the “professional” criminal word. And that what was done to me in the mental psychiatric clinic I treat as done by the state Russian Federation via its plenipotentiary representatives, namely via representatives of the “Russian criminal world” and its leaders.


So, the state Russian Federation committed towards me act of enslaving, act of attempting to force me to be a homosexual prostitute, act of cruel treatment and act of psychological torments. The state Russian Federation marked me as “homosexual prostitute” and assigned me to be a victim of homosexual raping.


Of course, I am not a “homosexual prostitute”, for I don’t recognize now and never recognized before and never will recognize in the future that I am a “homosexual prostitute” even if I am were a gay using all range of the sexual freedom publicly. All my deeds which some human beings interpreted, interpret now or will interpret in the future as my recognition of this status were done in the state of the loss of my free will or/and common sense or/and clear understanding of the situation or were done under compulsion.




New attack of mental illness comes to me in 2019 year and I was hospitalized (by my free will) in the same mental psychiatric clinic for one month.

As I have said, in 2019 year I got a diagnosis F20.00 (paranoid schizophrenia).

During this hospitalization I became a witness of this thing. Several young men, obviously very well familiar with “laws” and customs of the “Russian criminal world” caught on ignorance of these “laws” and customs other young man. This young man don’t know these “laws” and customs at all, for (it was obvious) he was far, far away from any criminal activity. In result of this ignorance this young man was downgraded in the prison’s hierarchy. (He wasn’t turned into “homosexual prostitute”.). These young men did this just for fun, as Kalmykov (see above) just for fun turned into the “homosexual prostitute” mature man with several children.

So, as you can see, Russian mental psychiatric clinics turned into affiliates of the prisons.

And, of course, all these deeds, all these activities of criminal men in the mental psychiatric clinics, are possible thanks to permission of doctors, of psychiatrists. The state Russian Federation, the “Russian criminal world” and the psychiatrists of the Russian Federation cooperate and collaborate together, interact with each other.


5. The Law (the Criminal Code of Russian Federation) and jus resistendi


In fact, I cannot resort to defending my rights and freedoms in the courts of Russian Federation.

As it may seem, the article 282 (“Arousal of hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity”) and the article 136 (“Violation of the equality of human and civil rights and freedoms”) of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation protect my rights and freedoms. But really these articles never protected gays in Russian Federation.

There is another article of the Criminal Code, the article 240 (“Involvement in prostitution”). But really this article never protected the “homosexual prostitutes” of prisons and mental psychiatric clinics.

Moreover, appeal to the court to protect my rights and freedoms threatens me to be recognized as incapable; for this appeal will be an attack on the system of control and terrifying of male population, which (the system) is supported by the state Russian Federation. And I can be recognized incapable by a court very easy, for I already is mentally ill (F20.00, paranoid schizophrenia).

However, my rights and freedoms are protected by article 2 and articles 17 and 18 of the Constitution of Russian Federation. Obviously, this articles recognize so named “natural human rights”; and one of these rights is a right on revolt (jus resistendi). And as I think, the mentioned above actions of Russian Federation directed against me give me this right on revolt. For, as I have said, the state Russian Federation committed towards me act of enslaving, act of attempting to force me to be a homosexual prostitute, act of cruel treatment and act of psychological torments. The state Russian Federation marked me as “homosexual prostitute” and assigned me to be a victim of homosexual raping. The state Russian Federation acts against me as truly Sodom.

However, I do not intend to use this rule on revolt (jus resistendi) — at least because of my physical inability to fight; my physical weakness is described above.

I clear understand that my words about criminal leaders as mostly pederasts and my words about criminal leaders as mostly rats and fixed-post spies of intelligences and the police threaten me with death and raping, especially in the case of imprisoning. And if this happens, then I blame the state Russian Federation and the President of Russian Federation.


6. Conclusion


I think this information should be conveyed to the International Criminal Court. Creation and use of the above described system of control and terrifying of male population (especially in the prisons and in the mental psychiatric clinics) must be recognized by the International Criminal Court as a crime against humanity.

I think also that this information should be conveyed to the World Psychiatric Association. As described above, psychiatrists of Russian Federation are the part of above mentioned system of control and terrifying. For, as stated above, all this activities of criminal men in the mental psychiatric clinics are possible thanks to permission of doctors, of psychiatrists. The state Russian Federation, the “Russian criminal world” and the psychiatrists of the Russian Federation cooperate and collaborate together, interact with each other. I think that the World Psychiatric Association must exclude psychiatrists of Russian Federation from its ranks.

I think also that this information should be conveyed to the European Court of Human Rights in order to I can protect my rights and freedoms.


This document consists of 15 pages. The pages 1 – 14 are additionally signed in the area of the bottom headline (a date, a signature, an expansion of the signature).


Date (Jun, 24, 2020)


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[The Application of A.V. Leonov, a citizen of Russia, to the International Criminal Court, to the Prosecutor, from June, 24, 2020; № de l’envoi of the letter is RO274830725RU; delivered Jul, 14, 2020]


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